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The Popularity of the Viola

Originally posted on 2/28/20 as 'Artist-in-Residence' for the American Viola Society:

Classical musicians and audiences often see things differently. In my experience, audiences love the viola. These are people who (probably in most cases) didn't attend conservatory to study an…

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Violacentrism > Viola Separatism

Originally posted on 2/7/20 as 'Artist-in-Residence' for the American Viola Society:

Although the viola is the greatest instrument of all time (it says so in the Book of Cremonus), I'm actually not a Viola Separatist. (Sorry.) That is to say…

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The Composer's (Holy?) Intentions

Originally posted on 1/31/20 as 'Artist-in-Residence' for the American Viola Society:

People seem to like an agreed-upon authority to magnify their already pre-existing opinions. 

Whether cherry-picking from the Constitution or the bible, it's not merely their own little opinion now---…

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Cremonus and the Violacentric Religion

Originally posted on 1/17/20 as 'Artist-in-Residence' for the American Viola Society:

Every civilization needs a history. Often the details of that (hi)story turn out not to be true, but that's not the point. 

The point of this post is.... Cremonus…

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