violin/viola/composition lessons

Private lessons:

Weekly private lessons are offered in 30 minute, 45 minute, or 1 hour increments, depending on age/skill level of student. In these lessons, we cover many aspects of playing the instrument, including posture, technique, phrasing, theory, and how to practice. No matter the skill level, we will work with the student to develop their musicianship in whichever categories they need the most. Every student is different and we work with each individual with their specific abilities in mind. 

We offer: viola lessons, violin lessons, composition lessons

Online lessons:

We have been teaching lessons online for over 10 years and are happy to share our experiences with you! We generally use Skype for our online lessons as we have found that it is the best for combined video and sound quality. While we do have many students who use the internal cameras their computers came with-- or even just their phones-- having a computer with an external webcam or at least an external microphone will greatly improve the experience if this is a possibility. For obvious reasons, a high-speed internet connection is necessary as well.

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