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Track 1: Prelude by Scott Slapin
Track 2: Sonata for Two Violas by Frank Proto
Track 3. Out Beyond Ideas by David Rimelis

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Music for two violas:
(viola duos/viola duets)

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Alexander, John: biophilia-six little pieces for a brace of violas 
Angerer, Paul: Exercitium canonicum (Vier kanonische Stucke) 
Ayres, Paul: Duo for Violas
Jorge Antunes: “Mascaruncho” 
Bach, J.S.: Two-Part Inventions for Two Violas 
Bach, W.F.: Three Duets for Two Violas 
Barbella, Emanuele: Six Viola Duets (Listen on Spotify)
Barlowe, Amy: Hebraique Elegie 
Bartok, Bela: 44 Viola Duets, Volume 1 
Bartok, Bela: 44 Viola Duets, Volume 2 
Beamish, Sally: “Prelude and Canon” 
Beethoven: Duo (transcr. by S. Engaño) 
Benjamin, George: Viola, Viola  (VIDEO) 
Bennett, Richard R.: Three Duets 
de Beriot, Charles: Six Spanish Airs-Duets for Two Violas 
Blasius, Mathieu Frederic: 33 Viola Duets 
Bortz, Daniel: Dialogo 2 
Bowen, York: 2 Duets for 2 Violas (VIDEO) 
Bridge, Frank: Lament for Two Violas  (VIDEO) 
Bridge, Frank: Caprice for Two Violas (ed. & compl. by Simon Rowland-Jones) (VIDEO)
Bruni, Antonio Bartolomeo: 3 Sonatas Op 27 for 2 Violas 
Bruni, Antonio Bartolomeo: 6 Duos Concertans 
Bunch, Kenji: Three American Folk Hymn Settings  (VIDEO) 
Busby, Gerald: Suite for Two Violas  (VIDEO) 
Cambini, Giuseppe: 12 Viola Duets, Books 1 & 2 
Cambini, Giuseppe: 6 Concertants Duos for Two Violas 
Chopin, Frederic: Fugue for Viola Duo (arr by S. Engaño) 
Clementi, Muzio: Sonatina Op 36 No. 1, for two violas 
Cobert, Bob: Three Moods for Two Violas (listen to recording) 
Cohen, Jeremy: Stylistic Duets for Two Violas 
Cohen, Mary: Dance Duets 
Coletti, Paul: Moonlight Journey for Two Violas  (VIDEO) 
Corrette, Michel: Two Sonatas and a Minuet 
Croft, William: Six Sonatas for viola duo (transcr. by S. Engaño) 
Daugherty, Michael: Viola Zombie  (VIDEO
DeLoach, Jonathan: 12 French Carols for 2 violas 
Devienne, Francois: 6 Duets, Op 74 for Two Violas 
DiPaolo, Nicole: Three Episodes for Viola Duologue  (VIDEO) 
Dowland, John: Elizabethan Melody for Two Violas (arr. Tertis) (VIDEO)
Druschinin, Fjodor: Duo (Sinfonia a due) (Listen on Spotify)
Elgar: Two Viola Duos (arr. by S. Engaño) 
Elizondo, Jose: "Danzas Latinoamericanas" 
Engaño, Sancho: The Gypsy Viola 
Fine, Elaine: Leap Frog 
Fine, Elaine: New Year’s Greeting 
Frank, Andrew: Caprice for Two Violas 
Fujikura, Dai: Dolphins for Two Violas 
Furst, Paul Walter: Togata op 45 
Gabrielli, Domenico: Canon (arranged for 2 violas) 
Gianopoulos, George N.: Op 23c Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! (for two violas)  (VIDEO) 
de Giardini, Felice: Duetto in D Major 
Gibbons, Orlando: Two Fantasias for Two Violas 
Girard, Anthony: “Nulle Part et Jamais: 4 Esquisses de Voyage, pour 2 altos” 
Giraud, Suzanne: Es Steht Das Nichts In Der Mandel (email composer) 
Gliere, Reinhold: Viola Duos, op. 49 - arr. (link to music below video
Gorecki, H.M.: Sonata, Op 10 (transcription for two violas)
Grill, Stanley: Sea and Sky 
Hailstork, Adolphus: “Little Diversions for Lord Byron's Court” 
Hamalainen, Lauri: 12 Duos for Two Violas ('Conversations') (VIDEO)  
Handel, G.F.: Chaconne for Two Violas (arr by S. Engaño) 
Handel, G.F.: Six Viola Duos (arr by S. Engaño) 
Handel-Halvorsen: Variations on a Passacaglia of Handel (arr. by L. Tertis) 
Handel-Halvorsen: Passacaglia (arr. A. Sourgounis, send email(VIDEO) 
Harrison, Sadie: “The Oldest Song in the World” 
Hawkins, John: “Gestures” 
Hawkins, John: "At Two" (Listen on Spotify)
Head, Shaun: In Paris with You (email composer to purchase) 
Hoffmeister, Franz Anton: 12 Duets for Two Violas, Volume 1 
Holler, Augustin: Avertiment for 2 Violas 
Huffnagle, Harry: Jazz Style Rhythm Duets for Two Violas 
Ikebe, Shin-ichiroBivalence III 
Isenberg, Rex: Doublet for Two Violas 
Jacob, Gordon: Sonatina (VIDEO)
Jameson, Fritha: Oblique 
Jansa, Leopold: 3 Duos for Two Violas 
Kalevi, Aho: “Lamento” for two violas 
Keay, Nigel: Double Jeu for Two Violas 
Khachaturian, Aram: Two Ladies Gossiping - arr. (link to music below video
Kimber, Michael: Acrobatic Violists 
Kimber, Michael: Two Viola Duets 
Kimber, Michael: Suite in Baroque Style 
Kimber, Michael: Duo Sonata in Classical Style 
Kimber, Michael: Eight Duets 
Kimber, Michael: For Nina (a waltz) 
Kimber, Michael: Four Canons for Two Violas 
Kimber, Michael: Dialog I Krakowiak for Two Violas 
Kimber, Michael: Vals con Variación 
Knox, Garth: Viola Spaces for Two, Vol. 2 
Krol, Bernhard: Nellinger Elegies 
Laburda, Jiri: Dialogues for Two Violas  (VIDEO) 
Lane, Richard: 4 Duos 
Lane, Richard: 8 Duos 
Lara, Ana: “Isocronismos” 
Larsen, Libby: In Such a Night  (VIDEO) 
Laurusas, Vytautas: Concento di corde (for two violas) 
Leclair, Jean-Marie: 6 Sonatas for Two Violas, Book 1 
Leclair, Jean-Marie: 6 Sonatas for Two Violas, Book 2 
Leitermeyer, Fritz: 6 Bicinien Op 47 
Lemaître, Dominique: Orange and Yellow, tribute to Morton Feldman for Two Violas 
Levinas, Michael: Lettres enlacées V 
Lipsky, Helmut: Voyage a deux (for Viola Duo) 
Locatelli, Pietro: Six Sonatas, Op 4 for Two Violas, Volume 1 
Locatelli, Pietro: Six Sonatas, Op 4 for Two Violas, Volume 2 
Lutoslawski, Witold: Bucolics (transcription for 2 violas) 
Lysight, Michel: Homage to Fibonacci 
Marbe, Myriam: Sonate 
Matthews, Rachel: Double Helix for two violas (VIDEO) 
Mawhinney, Malcolm: From Marama's Hold 
Mazas, Jacques: Three Duets for two violas 
Mendelssohn, Felix: Canon for Two Violas 
Mendoza, Elena: Contra-Diccion for two violas 
Meyer, Jessica: But Not Until (viola duo version) 
Morris, Valerie: Frolic 
Mozart, W.A.: 12 Easy Duets, K 487 
Mundry, Isabel: Vent contraire (two violas) 
Murail, Tristan: Ou tremblent les contours (2 violas) 
Nardini, Pietro: Six Duets for Two Violas 
Neher, Patrick: Canons and Dances for Two Violas (VIDEO) 
Neher, Patrick: Games for Two Violas (VIDEO) 
Nelhybel, Václav: Variations on a Slovak Folk Song 
Offenbach: Sonata for Viola Duo (transcr. by S. Engaño) 
de Oliveira, Jailton: “Confronto No. 1” and “Confronto No. 2” 
d'Ormesson, Olivier: Vor Sonnenaufgang (Partita pour deux altos) 
Osborne, Nigel: Transformations 1 
Parea, Signore: 30 Divertimenti di Minuette 
Paviour, Paul: Four Duologues 
Pesson, Gérard: Paraphernalia (VIDEO)
Pleyel, Ignace: Six Duets Op 8 for Two Violas 
Plum, Abram: Sonata for Two Violas 
Poser, Hans: 20 Canons 
Prot, Felix-Jean: 6 Duos for 2 violas 
Proto, Frank: Sonata for Two Violas (VIDEO) 
Przystaniak, Peter: That's Klezmer (12 Stucke
Rameau: Suite for viola duo (arr. by S. Engaño) 
Rimelis, David: A Day in Acadia (email composer for music)  (VIDEO) 
Rimelis, David: Cuban Delights (email composer for music)  (VIDEO) 
Rimelis, David: Three Poems by Rumi (email composer for music) (VIDEO) 
Rolla, Alessandro: 22 Viola Duets, Volumes 1-3 
Rolla, Alessandro: 10 Etude Duets for 2 violas 
Rolla, Alessandro: 6 "Torinese" viola duets 
Romberg, Andreas: Three Duets, Op 4 
Rossini: Duo Sonata (transcr. by S. Engaño) 
Roxburgh, Edwin: Duologue for David 
Rubbra, Edmund: Meditations on a Byzantine Hymn Viola Duet 
Scarlatti,Domenico: Three Viola Duos (arr. by R.A. Cohen) 
Schickele, Peter: Top o' the Millennium 
Schmitz, Manfred: Pop Rounds for two violas 
Schoenebeck, Carl Siegemund: 2 Duos Concertans, Op 13 
Slapin, Scott: Violacentrism: The Opera (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Overture to Violacentrism (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Three Arias (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: The Sounds of Hampshire County (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Violist Under the Roof (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Music History 101 (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Dialogues and Duels (included in Violacentrism: The Opera)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Prelude/Encore for Two Violas (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 2)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Yizkor (in memory of David Tasgal) (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 2)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Sonata in C for Two Violas (included in Sonata in C/Four Seasons of New England book)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Fanfare for an Old Library (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 1)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Happy Holidays (included in Twenty-Five Tunes for Twenty-Five Days of Christmas)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Nocturne  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: In Memoriam  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Intermezzo  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Serenade  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Suite for Two Violas  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Sonatina  (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 2)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Suspension (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 1)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Three Contrasts for Two Violas (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 1)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Ballade (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 2)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Fanfare for a New Library (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 1)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: The Four Seasons of New England (included in Sonata in C/Four Seasons of New England book) (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: Adagio (included in The Big Gig Book for Two Violas) (VIDEO, 4-viola version) 
Slapin, Scott: Anniversary Fanfare (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 3)  (VIDEO) 
Slapin, Scott: For the Love of Kreutzer (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 3)  (VIDEO, violin duo version) 
Slapin, Scott: Harold in Retirement (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 3)  (VIDEO, viola/bass version) 
Slapin, Scott: The Ila Rondo (included in Four Duos for Two Violas Book 3) 
Soley, David: 35 Duetos para 2 Violas (En 4 Libros) (email composer for music)
Stamitz: Six Duets for Two Violas, Volume 1 
Stamitz: Six Duets for Two Violas, Volume 2 
Sterkel, Franz Xaver: 3 Duets for two violas 
Stumpff, Christian: 6 Duos for 2 violas 
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Six Canonic Sonatas for Two Violas 
Telemann, George Philipp: Five Sonatas for Viola Duo (arr by S. Engaño) 
Telemann, George Philipp: The Gulliver Suite for viola duo (transcr. by S. Engaño) 
Thomas, Augusta Read: “Mansueto Tribute, 'double helix'” 
Townsend, Douglas: Duo for Violas (1957)  (VIDEO) 
Traiger, Laurence: Viola Duos 
Vine, Carl: Miniature II 
Viotti, Giovanni Battiste: Duo pour Deux Altos 
Walter, George Anton: 3 Duos, Op. 3 for 2 violas 
Weiner, Stanley: Sonatina for 2 violas 
Werdin, Eberhard: 5 Bratschen-Duette 
Witt, Anne: Scottish Melodies for Two Violas 
Woolf, Luna Pearl: Violad 
Wreede, Katrina: Lil' Phrygian Rondo for Karen (2 violas) 
Wreede, Katrina: Duo for Sunday (2 violas) 
Yun, Isang: Contemplation for two violas  (VIDEO) 
Zhurbin, Lev: Romance Funebre for Two Violas (email composer for music) (VIDEO)

music by scott slapin

arrangements by the slapin-solomon duo