Gerald Busby, best known for his film score for Robert Altman’s 3WOMEN and his dance score to Paul Taylor’s RUNES, has written extensively for the viola. At Circle Repertory Company Gerald premiered ORPHEUS IN LOVE, an opera with a libretto by Craig Lucas, in which Orpheus is a viola teacher in a community college, and Eurydice is his pupil. Gerald is a protégé of Virgil Thomson and a long-time resident of the Chelsea Hotel in New York. Wave Theory Records released in 2021 the film score for 3WOMEN.

Download his violacentric sheet music here (videos below):

Doppelgaenger for Two Violas by Gerald Busby Two Violas. Written for Scott Slapin and Tanya Solomon. 2.86 MB
Suite for Two Violas and Piano by Gerald Busby Two Violas and Piano 1.17 MB
ACCORD for Piano, Horn, and Viola by Gerald Busby Piano, Horn, and Viola 1.79 MB
Suite for Viola and Vibraphone by Gerald Busby Viola and Vibraphone 2.61 MB
VIOLA for Mezzo-Soprano and Viola by Gerald Busby Mezzo-Soprano and Viola 1.92 MB
Songs at Night for Oboe, Viola, Horn, & Harpsichord by Gerald Busby For Oboe, Viola, Horn, & Harpsichord 1.32 MB